Laura Maddicks Physiotherapy

Acupuncture for sports injuries

As a registered Physiotherapist in Chichester, West Sussex, I often see how any fitness training programme can take its toll on the body and lead to unwanted aches, pains and injury.  If you’re struggling with an injury, acupuncture with physiotherapy could be your answer.

Acupuncture has been used for centuries to treat and prevent illness and injury. Fine needles are inserted into different areas of the body depending on the problem.

Research has shown that acupuncture stimulates the brain to produce its own pain relieving chemicals (endorphins) which promotes the body’s own natural healing process.

As a Chichester Physiotherapist, I am in the unique position of being able to combine acupuncture with other treatments such as soft tissue work, manipulation and exercise which is more likely to lead to a successful outcome and return to your chosen sport. .  Have a look at this short clip and get in touch if you’d like to give acupuncture a try. Acupuncture for sports injuries in Chichester is a service I take pride in being able to offer any patients and I would be happy to answer any queries you might have. Please call me on 10243 527726 for further information.