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LM Physiotherapy Classes & Class Times

All classes have a maximum of 8 participants to allow close supervision.

Ante Natal Pilates

A class for expectant mothers from 12 weeks.  Expert guidance on how to exercise during pregnancy and beyond.   The focus is on maintaining good core and postural control as your body changes.  The class also covers preparation for labour, managing any back or pelvic girdle pain and anything else you want to know about safely exercising during pregnancy.

Please contact Laura for class dates and booking.

Spinal class

Maintains and improves spinal flexibility with a mix of Pilates, Yoga and remedial exercise to suit you.  Focus is on the core and postural muscles with exercises in standing and mat work.

Small hall, Fishbourne Centre Fridays 9.30am -10.30am

Post Natal Pilates

How and when should I begin to exercise? Can I do sit ups? From approximately 6 weeks you can safely begin to exercise in this class and progress at your own level.  Physiotherapists are expert in assessing muscle function and can guide you in this important post natal period.

Please contact Laura for class dates and booking.

Pilates For Runners

A stable core is essential for good running technique.  Which muscles do you overuse?  Which are tight?  Which need strengthening?  Which is the best way to stretch?  This hour long class is available as a one to one or as a group.

Please contact Laura for dates.

One to one sessions are also available.