Laura Maddicks Physiotherapy

Trainers-the most expensive piece of kit?

With holes in my trail trainers I’m long overdue investing in a new pair.  Truth is they are like a pair of comfy slippers or worn t shirt that I’ve become overly attached to.  Do I simply replace the existing models possibly with the updated version, wade through endless online reviews about new shoes or venture to a specialist running shop?

I’ve done all of the previously mentioned with varying results.  My conclusion is that trainers are worth investing in if you are spending significant time on your feet.  Specialist running shops know their stock and can advise on variety amongst the brands, however be cautious when they begin to comment on your foot position or anything else!  Many clients I have seen come away with trainers that aren’t suitable for them because they were sold trainers to correct a problem that wasn’t an issue.

A foray into online trainer shopping was mistake for me. Having got carried away with online reviews it was a costly error as these trainers are only fit for the school run.

Sticking with a brand that you know is reassuring, many clients find that a particular brand works for them and if they update with an older model find it can be the more economical option.  Be aware that you change with time so the requirements of your running shoes will do too, add to that a sensible training regime and you’re good to go. Happy shopping!